Woss Group gives back to the community by supporting a range of important organisations and causes that we believe truly make a difference in the lives of West Australians.

As a business with its roots firmly in WA soil, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to give back to the communities that support us. To achieve this, giving is at the heart of what we do.

Philanthropic Achievements

Ronald W Woss, Chairman of the Woss Group, is widely acknowledged for leading the Woss Group in their outstanding charitable contributions and philanthropic work within the Western Australia community.

Ronald W Woss appointed a Member of the Order of Australia

On Australia Day in 2018, the Governor-General of Australia appointed our founder, Ronald W Woss a Member of the Order of Australia.

The appointment was made for Mr Woss’ significant service to the youth of Western Australia. Specifically highlighted was Woss Group’s support of research into suicide prevention, and our philanthropic efforts with charitable organisations that supported key community groups.
A proud achievement for Mr Woss, this appointment was the culmination of his years of effort in the philanthropic space, and serves to support the organisation in its charitable endeavours long into the future.

Honorary Doctorate Edith Cowan University

On 2 February 2019, Ronald W Woss AM was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Edith Cowan University (honoris causa).

He received this award in recognition of his vision as an insightful and engaged entrepreneur who has made outstanding contributions to society through his philanthropic leadership.
A passionate sponsor of the arts and culture sector, and mental health services, it’s a testament to the untiring nature of Woss Group’s support for organisations that are making a difference in the state.

Wesley College – Gallery of Honour

On 11 November 2022, Ronald W Woss AM was inducted into the Wesley College Gallery of Honour for Human Endeavour.

The Gallery of Honour celebrates and honours the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Old Wesleyans across a diverse range of fields and areas of endeavour since the College’s founding in 1923.

Young Lives Matter Foundation

Youth suicide robs society of its potential and its future.

As the inaugural Chairman of Young Lives Matter, Mr Woss achieved groundbreaking results in replacing outdated, non-working suicide prevention programmes.

These achievements include the launching of The Living Room concept at the University of Western Australia in 2020. The Living Room provides a safe haven for university students and is a warm and welcoming space with peer and clinical support available when they need it most. Over 800 students visited The Living Room in its first year, and 3155 visits in 2022.

His Board caused the successful multidisciplinary engagement at UWA of several different departments, that previously existed in isolation. Examples include Mathematics, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, to name the more obvious ones.

After leading the team of dedicated and inspiring professionals in the field of mental health for 3 years, Mr Woss resigned from the board in July 2023.

Mr Woss remains committed to the prevention of youth suicide and the Woss Group continues its philanthropic work in this area.

Read letter from UWA Vice-Chancellor

Edith Cowan University Nursing Scholarships

Nursing is a critical role that makes a real, positive difference in the world.

It is essential that the nurses of tomorrow receive the support and funding they need to finish their studies and graduate into their life-saving career.

Ronald and Brigid Woss provide annual scholarships for Edith Cowan University nursing students needing financial help in order to fulfil their ambitions.

Woss Family Scholarships in Medicine and Nursing – Notre Dame University

For more than 10 years, Ronald and Brigid Woss provided scholarships that supported medical and nursing students at Notre Dame University in finishing their studies.

This resulted in the graduation of more than 100 doctors and nurses, who are now performing their life-saving work around the state.

It’s acknowledged that without this support these critical care workers may not have received such an opportunity, the scholarships providing students with the opportunity to safely complete their studies and join the health workforce.

WAAPA/Edith Cowan University Visiting Jazz Artist Program

Ronald and Brigid Woss sponsor world-renowned jazz artists to spend a week on campus as WAAPA’s Jazz Artist in Residence.

Known as the Woss Family Visiting Jazz Artists Program, it gives WAAPA the ability to recruit talented practitioners to visit and stay in Perth, working with students to empower them to expand creative boundaries, while energising both the students and teaching staff. These experienced artists mentor and perform with WAAPA jazz students both in house and in concert.

Perth International Jazz Festival

The purpose of the Perth International Jazz Festival is to bring the world of jazz to Perth, while promoting Perth to the world of jazz.

Established in 2012 by the late Associate Professor Graham Wood, it’s grown to be a key event in the Perth festival calendar.

Ronald Woss was the Festival’s inaugural chairman.